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"Temperus" Beach Support


"Tempêrus" Beach Restaurant is a project which was conceived to integrate itself within the existing natural surroundings of pine trees on the beach front. It is a wooden construction, consisting of an restaurant with exterior terrace and support facilities for the beach users. This construction arises on the sandy beach of Loulé. The project develops in one floor, designed to adapt to the natural location in which is inserted. With a building area of about 200 m2. The main concern of this project was to create a structure which could respect and blend with the natural surroundings, amongst pine trees and sea side. The site of integration is of particular beauty, an expansion of beach and sands, with a unique view of beach line, close to the sea and permanent contact with its natural framework. The aim of the project to allow permanent contact of the users of this space with the views described, will allow the details of a contemporary project design, that doesn't offend the place and allows customers to feel comfortable, modernity in contact with nature. A beach support structure with associated equipment, built in natural wood, using a pre-fabricated construction system. The building will be covered with a canvas awning, for sun protection. The proposed construction and sturdy structure, in particular the Interior and exterior wall panels are integrally covered in wood, treated pine and combined with metal components details for bindings. The foundations arising from the sand from a set of foundation pillars in pine wood distributed in a regular lattice, allowing the even distribution of the horizontal loads and constant movement of the terrain, thus preserving the natural layout of the environment.


LOCATION: Praia do Trafal - Loulé Velho Algarve - Portugal

DATE: 2009-2011

CLIENT / PARTNER: Elisiário Rodrigues