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Villa 12


In the heart of Quinta do Lago in a unique location by the Golf Course, Villa 12 started from a existing typical villa to a luxurious modern remodelling.

The initial structure of the villa was kept, without the need for a complete demolition and the search to smart constructive solution, allowed to sucesfully create a project the will last for many years. 
Through a solid design and up-to-date modern architectural lines, will enhace the existing building as a example of a remodelling.

The choice of the materials and the potentiation of the golf course views, with new rooftop terraces and different private garden spaces, allowed to balance the existing mature vegetation with the proportion of the modern villa rebuild.

This architectural search for a modern villa design that allowed the house to blend in not as a statement but as part of the existing area, was a base since the begining.


LOCATION: Quinta do Lago - Algarve - Portugal

DATE: 2018-2019



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